Volume 72 Issue 12 December 2022

An Eggless Christmas

The Ministry of Food was founded to help people survive rationing and to bolster morale, which became particularly important at Christmas.

Khans of Crimea

The Crimean Khanate was the last surviving heir of Chinggis Khan’s dynasty. Respected, feared and reviled, it found itself caught between empires.

Books of the Year 2022

Our year in reading covers the year’s major anniversaries such as Partition, Stalingrad and the March on Rome as well as space travel, English law and, of course, the Tudors.

Ulster’s ‘Lost Counties’

In December 1922 a proclamation signed by George V formally established the Irish Free State. Among loyalists in three border counties of Ulster, partitioned and cut adrift from unionist jurisdiction, the sense of betrayal was acute.

Chaucer on Trial

Geoffrey Chaucer may have been accused of rape 600 years ago. Do newly discovered documents exonerate him?

‘A Baptism of Blood’

Fighting for the Union in the US Civil War, Welsh soldiers discovered that the cost of assimilation was the loss of their native language.