Volume 67 Issue 3 March 2017

Death of Walt Whitman

American poet Walt Whitman died on March 26th, 1892 after completing his masterpiece, Leaves of Grass, a year earlier.

Welfare Pasts and Futures

British systems of welfare and adult social care are not so different from aspects of the traditional Poor Laws.

Something to Laugh About

Laughing at experts is nothing new. Kate Davison explores our long history of puncturing the powerful with satire and humour – to keep them in line and just for the fun of it.  

The Merry Dance of the Highwayman

Along with Robin Hood, the romantic highwayman is one of the great myths of English outlawry. But the model for this most gallant of rogues was a Frenchman name Claude Duval, who carried out audacious robberies with a touch of Parisian flair.