Volume 61 Issue 11 November 2011

Edward VIII: Backing the Wrong Duke

Anne Sebba revisits Michael Bloch’s article, first published in History Today in 1979, on the historian Philip Guedalla’s enthusiastic but misguided support for his friend, Edward VIII.

Birth of John Bright

The leading Victorian radical and Liberal politician John Bright was born on November 16th 1811.

Who was Herbert Butterfield?

Michael Bentley looks at the father of British historiography who was an eloquent and controversial opponent of teleology.

Evliya Çelebi: Traveller's Tales

To mark the 400th anniversary of his birth, UNESCO has declared Evliya Çelebi a ‘man of the year’. His Seyahatname, or Book of Travels, is one of the world’s great works of literature. Caroline Finkel celebrates a figure little known in the West.

Germany's Jewish Soldiers

Tim Grady on postwar Germany’s attempts to remember the contribution made by its Jewish combatants in the First World War.

Wagner & Mathilde

A political exile, Richard Wagner found safety in Zurich, where he also discovered the love and philosophy that inspired his greatest works, as Paul Doolan explains.