Volume 60 Issue 6 June 2010

Garibaldi takes Palermo

Following Garibaldi's capture of Palermo, the Neapolitan garrison under General Ferdinando Lanza capitulated on June 6th, 1860.

Katyn: Tragedy upon Tragedy

In April, in the cruellest of ironies, many of Poland’s political elite perished when their plane crashed on the way to a ceremony marking the 70th anniversary of the massacre of an earlier generation of Polish leaders. John P. Fox reports.

The United Nations: The Free World's Great Parade

Dan Plesch describes how President Roosevelt’s introduction of a global day of solidarity in June 1942 successfully promoted the ideals of the United Nations and his Four Freedoms, boosting morale in the worldwide fight against fascism.

Bees for Keeps

The niches created for bees in some of Britain’s castles were an important source of food, lighting and even defence, writes Gene Kritsky.