Volume 58 Issue 12 December 2008

The Liberals' Last Hurrah

York Membery looks back to the crunch 1920s election which saw the party of Gladstone narrowly pushed into third place – a position from which it has never recovered.

Goonhilly Not Down

Nigel Watson reports the decision to keep Cornwall’s telecommunications operation going after all.

Knocking Out the Boxers

Mark Bryant looks at the cartoons produced in response to the conflict which followed the Opium Wars between China and the West.

The Worthy Doctor Fuller

M.J. Cohen celebrates the life of Thomas Fuller, a pioneer historian and contemporary of Milton, with whom he shares a 400th anniversary.

Nuremberg: City with a Past

Today a Documentation Centre stands on the site of the former Nazi party rally grounds in Nuremberg. Neil Gregor reflects on the city council’s response to the neo-Nazi revival of the 1960s.

Nursing Times

 Whether or not mothers should nurse their own children has been a subject of debate from Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome through all of modern European history to the present day. Paul Doolan reviews the arguments that have been presented over the centuries and the way in which fashions have changed.

A French Farce in Brazil

Spain and Portugal divided almost all of South America between them, but in the 16th century the French also had commercial and colonial ambitions in Brazil. Robert Knecht tells the stories of two French expeditions that ended in disaster.