Volume 56 Issue 5 May 2006

Sins of the Fathers

Carmen Callil talks to Martin Evans about her recent excursion into the lies and hypocrisy of Vichy France.

Hold the Front Page

Mark Bryant describes how the Daily Mail nearly became the first national daily in Britain to feature large political cartoons on its front page, fifteen years before Dyson’s huge drawings appeared in the Daily Herald.

Romancing the Stone

Discovered during the French occupation but seized by the victorious British after six months of desert battle, the Rosetta Stone symbolized the struggle for cultural supremacy between two great rivals.

The General Strike

Martin Pugh revisits one of the most bitter disputes in history and assesses its impact on industrial relations and the wider political landscape of the twentieth century.  

Top Dog: Pedigree Marketing

Margaret Walsh tracks down an attempt to link the appeal of the greyhound with the brand values of a famous American company.

Going to the Dogs

Mike Huggins revisits the early years of British greyhound racing, the smart modern sports craze of interwar Britain.

Davitt – Land Warrior

Kevin Haddick Flynn looks back at the life and times of radical Michael Davitt as Ireland remembers the centenary of his death on May 31st.