Volume 56 Issue 10 October 2006

Cry Hungary!

Cartoon historian Mark Bryant looks at the career of Victor Weisz (Vicky), for whom the Hungarian Uprising and its repression by Soviet tanks proved a political turning-point and the catalyst for some of his most powerful cartoons.

Beowulf’s Great Hall

John D. Niles reports on the search for the real ­location of the Heorot, the hall where Beowulf feasted before fighting the monster Grendel.

Abortion: Brewing Up a Storm

The US Supreme Court looks likely to overturn the Federal law on abortion. Nicholas Hill and Peter Ling look at the political background to the legal argument.

Disraeli, Dandyism and Decadence

William Kuhn considers some of the ways a look at Benjamin Disraeli’s sexuality challenges our idea of the Victorians and the man himself.

Whose History is it Anyway?

As part of the ongoing debate over Black History Month, Tristram Hunt asks for greater dialogue between politicians and academics concerning the place of history in modern Britain.