Volume 33 Issue 4 April 1983

Forum: Donald Watt

Donald Watt cautions against a history which abandons the study of historical realities in favour of intellectual abstractions.

Victorian History Men: Archives and Sources

Although there has always been a public eager to read or hear the narration of past events, the 'History Men' - scholars writing professional history based on original sources - are a relatively new breed.

Making an Atlas of Islam

Francis Robinson explains how his perception of Islam is reflected in his book, Atlas of the Islamic World since 1500 (Phaidon, 1982).

Cottage Industry and the Factory System

The Industrial Revolution was one of the greatest discontinuities in history. It still generates lively debate. Why did it begin in Britain when it did? How quickly and decisively did it transform industrial technology, class relations and living standards? These are the questions tackled in the special feature by Duncan Bythell on the Industrial Revolution this month and next.