Zareer Masani

Half a Life

The remarkable adolescence of the Nobel Prize winner Amartya Sen.

Bad Company?

Successful leaders or rapacious, racist, corrupt adventurers? A history of the East India Company.

The Partition of India

An analytical view of the traumatic Partition offers fresh perspectives on the devastating human cost. 

The Tiger of Mysore

In the 18th century, the Muslim warlord Tipu Sultan terrorised Hindu southern India and clashed repeatedly with the British. Today, his legacy is contested, but he was far from the nationalist that some have claimed, writes Zareer Masani.

Tata: India’s Industrial Giant

Tata is one of the world’s wealthiest conglomerates, with an especially strong presence in Britain. Zareer Masani traces its origins among the Parsis of Bombay and charts its fortunes in an independent India.