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Russel Tarr

Russel Tarr compares and contrasts the rise to power of two Communist leaders.

Russell Tarr sees similarities but also important contrasts in the foreign policies of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy

Russel Tarr introduces the new International Baccalaureate, assessing its advantages and disadvantages compared with A Levels.

Once again Russel Tarr demonstrates how ICT can enrich and enliven the work of historians.

Russell Tarr explains how the Bolsheviks established their grip on Russia after the 1917 Revolution, and at what cost.

Russel Tarr shows that there is much more to using video than pressing ‘play’.

Russel Tarr outlines what was at issue in the clash between Catholics and Protestants.

Russel Tarr demonstrates how today’s technology can enliven teaching and learning about the past.

Russel Tarr considers key issues from the life of the famous Cardinal.

Russel Tarr asks key questions about the religious radicals of the 16th century.