Peter Frankopan

Jewel of the Empire: the Hagia Sophia

The fates of powerful women in modern Uzbek politics echo the events of 1,000 years ago. 

Eternal war: battle between the Byzantine and Arab armies, from the Madrid Skylitzes, 11th century

The United States should heed the lessons of 1,000 years ago, if it is to sustain its military superiority. 

 More details The Rus under the walls of Tsargrad. Detail from a medieval Russian icon.

Russian hooligans at a football match might be a relative novelty, but there is nothing new under the sun.

The walls and minaret of the Abu Dulaf mosque, Samarra, Iraq, ninth century.

Too many historians and commentators view history from a western perspective. In doing so, they turn their back on the roots of our global system, argues Peter Frankopan.

The popular image of crusading is derived almost entirely from western accounts of the victorious First Crusade. Yet when historians examine Byzantine sources about the campaign a very different picture emerges, argues Peter Frankopan.