Mark Bryant

Grand Old Scandal

A 19th-century tale of sex, royalty and corruption which inspired scores of satirists and even the makers of curiosity mugs.

Lutheran Lampoons

Martin Luther used pictorial propaganda to further the Protestant cause. Mark Bryant looks at the work of those artists who became his allies – and those who became his enemies.

Broadsides against Boney

Mark Bryant admires a Russian artist whose lampoons of Napoleon inspired some notable British caricaturists.

Gerard Hoffnung

Mark Bryant on the lesser-known caricature work of the German-born Gerard Hoffnung, one of postwar Britain’s best-loved cartoonists.

Drafting Il Duce

Mark Bryant profiles the brilliant wartime cartoonist who chronicled the actions of Italy’s Fascist leader.

Political Animals

Mark Bryant looks at the lampooning of two hugely unpopular measures imposed during the administrations of two of the United States’ most distinguished presidents.