Maggie Black

Maggie Black looks at the history of the seasonal traditions of contrasting fasting and excess.

Maggie Black completes her history of the year in food, with a look at the history of a festive favourite

Maggie Black takes a look at the seasonal celebration of All Saints and serves up a Hallowe'en recipe.

Maggie Black continues her cultural history of food with a look at preserves.

Maggie Black continues her seasonal history of food and popular culture with a look at this period of autumnal celebration at Harvest End.

Maggie Black looks at the long tradition of giving food as alms.

Maggie Black on the history of bread and breadmaking.

Maggie Black looks at the cultural history of three February menus, based as much on show as the cooking.

Maggie Black looks at the political uses of dining in 18th century England

Maggie Black describes an 18th century festive meal.