Jeremy Black

Edmund Burke and Modern Conservatism

The winner of the 2018 Longman-History Today Book Prize provides an intriguing and accessible study on the evolution, dissemination and continued influence of Edmund Burke’s political ideas.

The Legacy of 1815

Are we in danger of neglecting the true importance of one of history’s epochal years?

The Making of the British Atlantic

This year marks the 300th anniversary of the Treaty of Utrecht and the 250th anniversary of the Treaty of Paris. Both treaties reshaped the world and had profound consequences for the future of Britain and North America, as Jeremy Black explains.

A Royal Nuisance

Hanoverian precedents for the wayward behaviour of royal younger brothers.

The War of 1812

In June 1812 Britain and the United States went to war. The conflict was a relatively minor affair, but its consequences were great.

Changing the House of Lords

The recent attempt at House of Lords’ reform and the capacity of the issue to do serious damage to the cohesion of the governing coalition invites comparisons with the past, says Jeremy Black.

The Mughals Strike Twice

The two 16th-century battles of Panipat, which took place 30 years apart, are little known in the West. But they were pivotal events in the making of the Mughal Empire as the dominant power of northern India, as Jeremy Black explains.