Christopher Hale

Otto Wächter with German settlers in Sanok in 1940. Wiki Commons.

The origins of SS General Otto von Wächter’s rise to power.

The 2nd Dragoon Guards, the Queen's Bays, routing the Lucknow mutineers near the Hyderabad road, Orlando Norie, 1859. Brown University Library/Wiki Commons.

Documenting the men and women who took a stand against the imperial tide.

The man who, at the time of his death in 2012, was arguably the most famous historian in the world is brought into quotidian focus. 

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin, designed by Peter Eisenman and inaugurated in 2005.

A long and detailed challenge to the modern cult of memory.

President Sukarno authorising Major General Suharto to restore public order, 11 March 1966,

The story of Indonesia’s anti-Communist coup, the rise to power of a pro-western regime and its murderous aftermath.

Members and supporters of the Indonesian Communist Party gather for its 45th anniversary in Jakarta's Soviet-built sports stadium, 23 May 1965.

The Indonesian genocide of 1965 has been smothered in silence for half a century.

Christopher Hale reports on a long campaign to discover the truth about the killing of Malayan villagers by British troops in 1948.