Akbar Ahmed

Akhbar Ahmed argues that the rise of Muslim fundamentalists means that Islamic leaders face a choice between moderation or militancy.

Akbar Ahmed’s provocative lecture for the Longman/ History Today Awards examines Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.

How Islamic was the founder of Pakistan? Akbar Ahmed offers a radical reassessment of his life and motives - and the forces that propelled his change of course.

Ann Hills on Scotland's Museum of Religion

Taj Mahal and outlying buildings as seen from across the Yamuna River

Akbar Ahmed looks at the passion and theology behind the great monument to love.

Akbar Ahmed warns that fundamentalism is misappropriating history as sectarianism strengthens in the Indian sub-continent.

Abd-ar-Rahman III and his court in Medina Azahara, by Dionisio Baixeras Verdaguer.

Akbar Ahmed looks at the legacy of a Moorish past for the present Spain.

Akbar Ahmed offers the most timely review of how history and stereotype have often combined to make Western Orientalism a hindrance rather than a help in mutual understanding between two cultures.

Akbar Ahmed, one of Pakistan's leading scholars, reflects on the links - past, present and future - of the Muslim and non-Muslim worlds.