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Byzantine Empire

An embattled emperor offered guidance to his successors in the shape of a ‘mirror for princes’.

The changing shape of the slave trade in the medieval Mediterranean.

The Byzantine Empire's ban on the veneration of icons died with its last iconoclast emperor on January 20th, 842.

Russian hooligans at a football match might be a relative novelty, but there is nothing new under the sun.

In what sense is the world of Byzantium lost? Jonathan Harris initially answers that important question by reference to the 16th-century French...

The Byzantine emperor died on November 14th 565.

In drawing parallels with international events of the 1980s and 1990s, Michael Antonucci’s article from 1993 neglected the ideology that underpinned Byzantine diplomacy.

For most people the Byzantine Empire is probably an unfamiliar entity, despite its historical importance. The empire (in reality the Roman Empire...

Liz James celebrates the Eastern Empire’s artistic heritage and its pivotal role in shaping Europe and the Islamic world of the Middle Ages.

Sometimes history has so many twists and turns that you could not make it up. Today the south-west corner of the Arabian peninsula lies at the...