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Charles Darwin

Chiefly remembered as Darwin’s captain on HMS Beagle, Robert FitzRoy's life was an eventful one.

Jean-Andre Prager demonstrates the wide-ranging impact of Darwinism. This essay was the winner of the Julia Wood Prize for 2011.

Juliet Gardiner looks at recent publications marking the 150th anniversary of Darwin’s most famous work and the bicentenary of his birth

Darwin in an 1881 portrait by John Collier.

The conflict between supporters of Darwin’s theory of evolution and Creationists is often portrayed as the latest skirmish in an age-old struggle between science and religion. It is anything but, claims Thomas Dixon, who argues that Creationism, and its pseudo-scientific offspring, ‘Intelligent Design’, are products peculiar to US history.

Mark Bryant on cartoons of the man who shook Victorian society to the core.

HMS Beagle surveys the coasts of South America. Painting by Conrad Martens

What were the origins of Charles Darwin's particular species of genius?

Our understanding of coral and coral reefs, believes C.M. Yonge, was greatly advanced by the voyages of Cook and Darwin to the South Pacific.