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Volume 69 Issue 8 August 2019

What did the violence in the bloodiest conflict in US history yield in the postwar era?

During the Cold War, nearly a quarter of all the world’s nuclear testing took place in Kazakhstan, in secret. In 1986, a high-profile disaster in Ukraine changed that.

A Native American method of tenderising meat goes global.

A Classical myth of enduring love that has inspired artists, writers and composers for centuries.

Liberalism became the dominant ideology of the West when it was adopted by Britain and the United States. But its roots lie elsewhere.

A proud, pious aristocrat, loyal to General de Gaulle, Philippe Leclerc found a kindred soul among Britain’s wartime elite.

It is the 200th anniversary of the Peterloo Massacre. How have the events of that day been remembered?

Although not allowed to study at university, women in 18th-century England still found ways to join – and challenge – the scholarly world.

The military elite of the Muslim world was comprised of men who had been captured and forced into service. But to what extent were they subject to slavery?

The Strait of Hormuz has become a fraught passage in the Tanker Wars between Iran and Iraq.

The first successful unaided swim of the English Channel began on 24 August 1875

Commemoration of Peterloo remembers the dead, but also promotes future democratic change.

The author’s trips to Cuba had an impact on more than just literature.

Recent press coverage of a cave filled with ‘witch marks’ misses the point.

Antiquities were high stakes and high profit in 16th-century Rome, and no one was above breaking the law for loot.

David Treuer’s new book reaches the reader garlanded in praise from the world’s most revered arbiters of taste. It is a New York Times...
If historical reputations were based on merit, Witold Pilecki would be a household name. Yet, the Polish Army captain who volunteered to be sent to...
One of the funniest stories in this entertaining book is how the former Edward VIII, living at Château la Croë in the South of France following his...
It is difficult to forget a work of history that begins with a discussion of the author’s dental history and ends with a reflection on the beret as...
Booms, with hindsight, may prove bubbles. So it is that Alan Greenspan, appointed Federal Reserve chairman by Ronald Reagan and hailed by the ...
‘Despotism tempered by assassination’ was Richard Burton’s definition of governance in Syria and the Levant under Ottoman rule. Burton was British...
The new interest in women’s contribution to culture in the past has been unevenly conferred. This is by no means the first biography of Alma Mahler-...
In August 2017, white nationalists marched in Charlottesville, Virginia, chanting ‘Jews will not replace us!’ They espoused a depressing, if familiar...

An English Arcadia and an enduring struggle.

What will future generations judge us most harshly for? Complacency.

Radicals and revolutionaries found inspiration in the study of Greece and Rome.