Issue 69 March 2011

Richard Wilkinson finds much to enjoy in the opening volumes of a comprehensive new series on British social history.

The re-issue of Ian Arthurson’s important study comes 15 years after its original publication. Although the conspiracies of Henry VII’s reign and the...

Robert Pearce has been pleasantly surprised at the quality of a new textbook.

Lord Palmerston was one of the dominant political figures of the nineteenth century. Foreign Secretary for 15 years and Prime Minister for almost a...

George Garnett reflects on the Julia Wood Prize and on the state of sixth-form history.

Russel Tarr compares and contrasts the rise to power of two Communist leaders.

Patrick Williams reveals the courage of Henry VIII's Spanish wife.

Benjamin Zachariah helps to debunk the romantic 'Legend of the Mahatma'.

Simon Lemiuex asks why the Unionists dominated British politics between 1886 and 1906.

Richard Wilkinson argues against the prevailing orthodoxy.