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Issue 40 September 2001

Graham Darby examines the nature and effects of the war that dominated the first half of the 17th century.

Boris Kustodiev's 1920 painting "Bolshevik"

Julian Reed-Purvis investigates Stalin's role in the origins of the great purges.

Martin Johnes explores why sport is an important topic for historical study.

Clement Attlee meeting King George VI after Labour's 1945 election victory.

Paul Adelman explains a major turning point in modern British history.

David McKinnon-Bell assesses the degree to which Philip II's policies were motivated by religious zeal.

Simon Lemieux provides guidance on essays comparing the performance of the two adversaries in Victorian Britain.

Alan Farmer shows how the Republic survived the threat from the Right before the First World War.

Peter Neville surveys the growth of republicanism in Ireland to the present day.

Robin Evans shows that the neglect of the history of Wales, and of other small nations, impoverishes our historical understanding.