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Henry VII

Chris Skidmore praises Colin Richmond’s 1985 article, which offered a new theory, later confirmed, about the true location of one of the most famous battles in English history.

M.J. Tucker describes how, although he may have looked rather like a medieval miser, Henry VII attracted to his Court some of the best minds of the Renaissance

David Williams traces the Welsh heritage of England's greatest monarchy to medieval times and the Wars of the Roses.

Derek Wilson discusses the future Henry VII's years in exile, and how this influenced his exercise of power after he seized the English throne.

Derek Wilson looks at Henry Tudor’s long period of exile and asks what influence it had on his exercise of power following his seizure of the English throne in 1485.

Jez Ross argues that Henry VII was more secure than he realised

Richard Hughes asks whether the ‘Diabolical Duchess’ was in reality another Tudor victim.

Robert Hughes provides an Examiner's Commentary

Henry Tudor invoked providence to gain his throne in 1485, but it was skilful use of heraldic and religious imagery, as well as promotion of the cult of Henry VI that ensured he retained it.

The man who founded the Tudor dynasty was born on January 28th, 1457.