Confess Your Sins

In 17th-century Tuscany and Malta some women were able to hold their abusers, members of the clergy, to account.

No Grand Plan

The dissolution of the monasteries as a series of decisions and indecisions.

The Nandi Bull

Two Hindu gods discover an abandoned child while following the wind’s path.

The Theology of Chocolate

The introduction of chocolate to the Catholic world caused a dilemma: could it be eaten? Should it be given up for Lent?

Jerusalem Burning

When Roman forces burned the Temple in Jerusalem in AD 70, the Flavian dynasty thought it had defeated the Jewish god in the name of Jupiter. It was mistaken. 

Devadatta in Hell

One of Buddhism’s most reviled villains was crucified in the Buddhist underworld. When French Christians arrived in Siam in the 17th century, venerating images of Christ on the cross, dialogue between the two religions reached an impasse.

Take me to the Church

The medieval parish church was the meeting point of many different things, both sacred and secular.

Whose Authority?

The separation of politics and religion has its roots in discourses over whether or not Pontius Pilate could be held guilty of having ordered ‘the death of God’.