The Gates of the Ghetto

Zionism’s roots were born from persecution, but in realising its goals it has enacted its own inescapable oppression. 

Broad Church

Soaring and swooping through a history of Catholicism, from 1789 to the present day.

A Test Case for Tolerance

Jean Calas was sentenced to be broken on the wheel in front of the cathedral in Toulouse, on 10 March 1762.

Treason of the Clerics

For 600 years Muslims held sway over the Indian subcontinent. Then democracy and a desultory leadership did them in.

The Catholic Conundrum

Despite persecution, Catholics survived in Protestant England. For the authorities, they were a problem with a silver lining.

Confess Your Sins

In 17th-century Tuscany and Malta some women were able to hold their abusers, members of the clergy, to account.

No Grand Plan

The dissolution of the monasteries as a series of decisions and indecisions.