Environmental History

No Edens

A level-headed chronicle of the varied impact of climate on our history.

Putting Up Fences

Access to land was once a common right; we have lost more than just the freedom to roam.

Let There Be Wind

From DIY experiments to giant offshore farms, the history of extracting electricity from air has been driven by individual innovation pursued against the headwinds of public scepticism.

On the Road Again

Electric cars seem to offer a solution to the problem of the internal combustion engine. But technological advances have other consequences. 

Securing Antarctica

A new treaty on the governance of Antarctica, signed in 1959, became a trailblazing model for the world. But the future of the ‘white continent’ remains contentious.

The Rise of the Flesh-Avoiders

Modern vegetarianism is concerned largely with issues of animal welfare but its roots are to be found in the early-modern desire to promote spirituality by curbing humanity’s excessive appetites. 

Through the Fog and Filthy Air

An erudite study of the environmental price paid by the growth of early modern London, which looks to be repeated in present-day Beijing.