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Dissertation Prize

A detail from The Expert Doctor’s Dispensatory and the Apothecary’s Shop, engraving, London, 1657.

How women shared medical knowledge in the 17th century.

Local tribunal in the town clerk’s office, Tenant Street, Derby, c.1916-18.

Evidence from Britain’s First World War conscription tribunals reveals a surprisingly efficient and impartial system, as Rebecca Pyne-Edwards Banks asserts in this extract from her 2015 undergraduate dissertation prize-winning essay.   

Evelyn Wrentan plays a highway-woman in the 1935 film, Hands Up.

This is an extract from Anna Field’s ‘Masculinity and Myth’, which won the 2014 History Today undergraduate dissertation prize, awarded in conjunction with the Royal Historical Society.

Richard Lowe-Lauri looks at the decline of bull running in the English town of Stamford.