Grand Tour

Prora in 2004.

On the coast of Rügen island in northern Germany is a beach resort fit for a Führer.

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A 19th-century folly inspired by Stonehenge.

Hotel Dracula. © Walter Bibikow/Getty Images

Communist Romania's biggest concession to the west's Dracula obsession.

A Buenos Aires building whose architecture is inspired by Dante's Divine Comedy, representing Hell, Purgatory and Paradise.

Interior design inspired by the Far East at an altitude of 4350 metres. 

A North Korean company has emerged as the chief provider of cheap statues across Africa and Asia. 

Ilhas do Porto

During the Industrial Revolution, Portugal's second city found a discreet solution to housing the city's poor workers. 

Artist's impression of the pyramid at its height

Hidden beneath a hill in Cholula, Mexico lies the largest pyramid ever built.

From the classical world to the decline of the Ottoman Empire.

The Austrian attraction was located in an unused train station with artificial snow made from soft drinks.