In Focus

70 Years of History Today

History Today is 70! To celebrate we have published some of the best articles from our archive in a special ebook, free to read now.

Grand Old Scandal

A 19th-century tale of sex, royalty and corruption which inspired scores of satirists and even the makers of curiosity mugs.

Going for Gold

Senator Barry Goldwater brought a new brand of Republicanism to American politics, writes Roger Hudson. 

Bomber in the City, 1943

The appearance of a Short Stirling Bomber near St Paul's Cathedral prompts Roger Hudson to recall the Wings for Victory campaign.

Forth Railway Bridge, 1888

Roger Hudson describes how the ‘stiffest bridge in the world’ took shape following a railway disaster in 1897.

Out of Jail in Ghana

A photograph of a released political prisoner prompts Roger Hudson to survey Ghana’s postcolonial history.