Bad Dreams

Divining disaster at Aberfan and beyond, in subjects from nocebos to lost cosmonauts.

Y Byd Newydd

From Ohio’s farmlands to Pennsylvania’s coalfields: how Welsh is America?

The Tree of Jesse

Who was responsible for one of the great surviving objects of the Middle Ages?

Cape of a Nation's Hopes

Should one of the greatest of Welsh treasures be returned to the country in which it was found? David R. Howell investigates.

Fishing for Pearls

Since before Roman times, writes Marjorie Sykes, pearl-fishing has been practised in North Wales, Cumberland and Perth.

William Beaw: Bishop and Secret Agent

John R. Guy introduces the soldier, churchman, and Royalist Fellow of New College who served Russia and Sweden during Cromwell’s years of power, and who returned to post-Restoration Britain to become a prominent parson in the Church of Wales.