Volume 72 Issue 1 January 2022

Dido and Aeneas

The end of the affair of two legendary lovers sees a deadly destiny fulfilled.

Crime in the City of Brotherly Love

At its founding, Pennsylvania had one of the most tolerant criminal law systems in the world, but by the middle of the 18th century its capital Philadelphia was a ‘hell of the officials and preachers’.

Invisible Hands

The ayah is a familiar figure of the Raj. While new research shows they were much less common than once thought, it has also shed fresh light on their lives and experiences.

A Woman’s Place

Work was once deemed suitable for women only until they married. And it was not just men who thought that should be the case.

New Year Knowns and Unknowns

As we take stock of the past year, the most famous event in English history reminds us of our inability to foresee the future.

The French Connection

The aim of Charles I’s foreign policy was to restore his nephew’s lands in the Rhineland. France, he thought, was the key to success.