Volume 57 Issue 10 October 2007

At the Church Door

Roy Strong tells York Membery why the humble English parish church is a perpetual source of fascination and refreshment.

Cartoons of the ‘Red Moon’

Continuing his series on how cartoonists have seen events great and small, Mark Bryant looks at the impact of Sputnik, the first artificial satellite to be put into Earth orbit and a Soviet triumph in the Cold War.

The Indus Civilization

Sudeshna Guha looks at the archaeology of the Indus Civilization, the Bronze Age phenomenon of South Asia, whose study began under the British and has continued since independence and partition of the country. 

Critics of Empire

Bernard Porter says that today’s advocates of humanitarian intervention would do well to ponder what J. A. Hobson and Ramsay MacDonald had to say a century ago about the dangers of liberal imperialism.

The Naming of England

George T. Beech traces the origins of the word England to the period 1014 to 1035 and suggests how and why it came to be the recognized term for the country.