Volume 56 Issue 11 November 2006

Formal End of the Second World War

The Second World War formally ended on May 8th, 1945. Here, Adam Tooze examines the events in Germany that ignited the Second World War. Did Hitler intend to provoke a general war over Poland in September 1939?

Here’s Looking At You

Philip Mould is an art dealer, author and broadcaster specializing in the discovery of lost antique portraiture. This month he opens a major gallery in Dover Street, London.

Who Killed the King?

History does not reveal the identity of the masked executioner who severed Charles I’s head from his body, or of his assistant who held it up to the waiting crowd. Geoffrey Robertson QC re-examines the evidence.

The Man with the Poison Pen

Cartoon historian Mark Bryant looks at the career of the Dutch cartoonist whose searing indictment of German atrocities in the First World War won him plaudits from governments on two continents.

Suez 1956

Timothy Benson, whose new book explores how the Suez Crisis was viewed in the world’s press and by cartoonists in particular, here tells the story of a tumultuous year.