Volume 56 Issue 1 January 2006

Overdue for a Visit...

Ben Power takes a tour of the London Library, an invaluable resource for historians and History Today, and describes plans for a sensitive expansion beginning this year.

It Started with a Kiss

David Culbert visits an exhibition at the Allied (Alliierten) Museum in the former headquarters of the US occupation forces in Berlin.

Documentary and History on Film

Brian Winston looks back at some of the ways in which history has been presented on the screen, and sees the documentary based on archival footage as intrinsic to its success.

More About the Mask

Roger Macdonald’s article Behind the Iron Mask published in our November 2005 issue raised a number of questions. Here he answers some of them, and reveals more extraordinary facts.

The Man who Hated Caricature

Cartoon historian Mark Bryant examines the origins of caricature itself, and the ambivalent attitude to it of the man whose name has become synonymous with the emergence of the art in Britain.

Cold Case From the Film Archives

Film historian Thomas Doherty does some detective work on a mystery from the 1930s, when the Hollywood studios had to deal with the upsurge of racism in Hitler’s Germany.