Volume 54 Issue 1 January 2004

Prising Open the Casket

John Guy, author of a new biography of Mary, Queen of Scots, explains how working in the archives made him fascinated with sixteenth-century history.

Richard J. Evans

Daniel Snowman meets the historian of Germany, defender of history and expert witness in the Irving trial.

The Hidden Photographs of U-564

Lawrence Paterson tells the story behind a new book of rare photographs published this month detailing life aboard a German Second World War submarine.

The Unknown Safe Haven

Frank Shapiro investigates the options open to Jews who wanted to leave Nazi Germany prior to the outbreak of the Second World War, and considers why one possible route to safety was abandoned.

The Hampton Court Conference

The Hampton Court Conference opened on January 14th, 1604. The most important product of the conference was the King James Bible.

Queen of the Sands

Kerry Ellis recalls the remarkable career of the Englishwoman who saw it as her destiny to establish a pro-British monarchy in Iraq.