Volume 50 Issue 1 January 2000

Blood and Roses

The MP for Blackpool South and ex-editor of History Today describes how his early interest in history bewildered his family but proved ineradicable.

Eric Foner

Daniel Snowman talks to a man who has devoted his long and distinguished career to unravelling the threads of American freedom.

Longitude: The Hidden Evidence

New documents have come to light which help to explain why John Harrison refused to compete for the Longitude prize even though his sea-clock appeared to work well.

Zulus and the Boer War

Jabulani Maphalala recalls the calamatious effects of a white man’s war on the Zulu people caught between them.

Fighters For The Poor

Susan Cohen and Clive Fleay rediscover the forgotten lives and work of three women who sought to alleviate the plight of Britain’s Edwardian underclass.

The Development of the Hydrogen Bomb

On January 31st, 1950, Truman announced that he had directed the Atomic Agency Commission 'to continue with its work on all forms of atomic energy weapons, including the so-called hydrogen or super-bomb'.

Why Hess Flew: A New View

In May 1941 Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy, landed in Scotland. But historians differ over the true nature of his mission.