Volume 48 Issue 9 September 1998

Battle of Omdurman

A new military technology was used by Britain in the massacre of the army of Sudanese Dervishes, near Omdurman on 2 September 1898.

Collaborators and Renegades in Occupied Shanghai

1930s Shanghai was notoriously populated by characters of dubious political and moral allegiances. Bernard Wasserstein shows how the Japanese used their contacts among the city’s low-life to assist in their invasion and occupation.

Pride and Prejudice in the American Civil War

The image of the American Civil War as a ‘white man’s fight’ became the national norm almost as soon as the last shot was fired. Susan-Mary Grant looks at the experience and legacy of the conflict for black Americans.

The Führer’s Decision

Peter Monteach comments on German historian Christian Gerlach's study of Adolf Hitler's announcement of his "decision in principle" to murder all of Europe's Jews on Dec 12, 1941.