Volume 48 Issue 7 July 1998

Campaign for History

Chris Wrigley, President of the Historical Association, tells of the new campaign to make history freely available to all who wish to study it.

Papon in Perspective

Richard Vinen questions whether the recently convicted Maurice Papon was charged with the correct crime.

Steaming Through Africa

In 1898 a French expedition struggled from the mouth of the Congo to southern Sudan, only to have their plans thwarted by the British. Sarah Searight revisits the Fashoda incident.

Albert Robida’s Imperfect Future

A 19th-century French novelist’s vision of the future included not just television, air transport and women in the workplace, but also biological warfare and population crises. Robert Hendrick examines the predictions of Albert Robida.

The Martian Century

Roger Hennessy tells of a hundred years of investigation, imagination and speculation about life on Mars.

Death of Bismarck

The first chancellor of the German Empire died on July 30th, 1898, aged 83.