Volume 47 Issue 6 June 1997

Hardwick Reawakens

Denise Silvester-Carr investigates the restoration of Hardwick Hall, home of Bess of Hardwick.

The Marshall Plan

In the ideological battlefield of the recovery and reshaping of Europe, a plan was developed between the US and European Nations on 5 June 1947.

Diamonds are Forever? Kipling's Imperialism

At Queen Victoria's Diamond Jubilee in June 1897, pride in the British Empire seemed at its zenith, but in a fresh look at the commemorative poems of Rudyard Kipling, Denis Judd finds the poet pointing to cracks in the imperial façade.

Fatal Attraction: Duelling and the SS

In an intriguing story of pistols at dawn involving one of Hitler's golden Teutons, William Combs explores the tensions between old and new codes of honour in Nazi Germany.