Volume 47 Issue 12 December 1997

Chariot Racing in the Ancient World

Dirk Bennett sheds new light on the origin and history of chariot racing as a sport, and explores its popular and political role from pre-classical Greece to the fall of the Roman Empire.

Hore-Belisha - Britain's Dreyfus?

Richard Wilkinson weighs up history's verdict on Chamberlain's Secretary of State for War, and asks whether it was Establishment anti-Semitism or professional failings in the light of Dunkirk that led to the minister's downfall in 1940.

Russia's Romance with the Airship

Clive Foss tells how the airship phenomenon caught the imagination of the Soviet Union – becoming a key propaganda tool to Stalin, both at home and abroad.

Christmas Fare

David Bates examines a Tudor Christmas Fare at Hampton Court Palace.