Volume 42 Issue 1 January 1992

A Second Wind From the Third World

John MacKenzie argues there is life yet in Marxist analysis if not in its practice then for examining the process of imperial rule and its transformation.

In the Limelight

The Lime Centre in Hampshire and its practical training in the use of lime.

Lord Mayor's Day in the 1590s

Today it is London's show for the tourists, but in the 1590s the Lord Mayor's show was an opportunity for pomp with circumstance that reveal much of the political and social stresses and strains in Elizabeth's capital, argues Jennifer Harrison.

Charles I Societies

Richard Cavendish looks at all things Stuart in the month when Charles I lost his head.

California's Tsarist Colony

The Russians are coming... not the fantasy of a Cold War movie, but the 19th-century attempt at incorporating the West Coast of America peacefully into the bear's domain. Jeffrey Miller tells the story of how it happened and why it failed.

Decolonisation in British Africa

Anthony Kirk-Greene looks at the remarkably rapid 'end of empire' of Britain in Africa, and argues that perspective and objectivity can now yield a useful stocktaking.