Volume 39 Issue 3 March 1989

Revenge and Reconciliation

Longevity, not magnanimity, was the hallmark of the victorious Franco. Paul Preston reviews the legacies of the Civil War in the Spain the General ruled for nearly forty years.

Why the Republic lost

Divided, outmanned and lacking international support – Paul Heywood argues the wonder was not that the Republic lost to Franco, but that it held out for so long.

One World Archaeology

Peter J. Ucko looks at the strengths and weaknesses of archaeological methods and interpretations.

Uncivil War: The Military Struggle

On the 50th anniversary of the end of Spanish Civil War, Michael Alpert chronicles the ebb and flow of battle between Republican and Nationalists.

Flora Sandes - Military Maid

'Sweet' Polly Oliver went to war to be with her lover, but there were many women for whom military life was an end in itself. Julie Wheelwright uncovers the career of one woman whose ambition was amply fulfilled.