Volume 34 Issue 1 January 1984

The Impact of the Two World Wars on Africa

Taken from two eight-volume enterprises marking the coming of age of African history, Michael Crowder looks at the African reactions to the European colonial presence, rather than with the doings of the Europeans themselves.

Which Road to the Past?

G.R. Elton and R.W. Fogel intervene in the vital current debate of historians: are there two separate species of history, scientific and traditional?

Clocks: Revolution in Time

David Landes asks the questions: Why clocks? Who needs them? After all, nature is the great time-giver and all of us, without exception, live by nature's clock.

France 1789: A Bankrupt Regime

In the world today, a nation's financial collapse can threaten its political and social stability. It was the same in France in 1789, explains Peter Burley.