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Suzannah Lipscomb

Blessed with beauty and wealth, California fails to come to terms with its past.

How will modern women respond to the realities of a 16th-century life?

The propagation of humanity has been a bloody struggle for women.

Time in the early modern world lacked precision, but it did have humanity.

Sexual exploitation by powerful men has a long history. Will it ever end?

In a diverse field, expertise should remain at the heart of history on television.

The past can seem like a timeline of horrors. But might it also remind us of our own failings – and help to put them right?

Both history and historical fiction depend on a combination of imagination and rigorous research. The difference is found in the balance of these ingredients. 

Is it ahistorical for public figures to say sorry for events that took place before they were born? The issue cuts to the heart of the relationship between the living and the dead.

The maxim ‘show don’t tell’ is often forgotten when film-makers confront historical horrors, argues Suzannah Lipscomb, as two recent cinema releases demonstrate.