Suzannah Lipscomb

Reflecting on the Past

A valedictory column provides a chance to reflect on a decade grappling with what history is and how it should be written.

Written in Heraldry

Lions are noble; unicorns pure. Knowing how to decipher heraldry reveals the aspirations – and humour – of the regal past.

Matters of Importance

There are several obstacles between Tudor women and their biographers. Bypassing them is a slow but necessary process. 

The Continuity of Community

The support and camaraderie of close-knit communities were a double-edged sword. Nothing was private and reputations could be ruined at the twitch of the curtain.

A Ventriloquist Act?

Recent studies show the benefits and limitations of giving voice to the thoughts of our predecessors. 

Fishing for the Facts

E.H. Carr’s belief that the histories we get depend on the questions we ask is more relevant than ever.