Sean Lang

Are All Empires Bad?

Arguments over how we remember the past will not be resolved by simplistic slogans or knocking down statues.

History in Schools: A Tsar is Born

Following an invitation to help advise the government on the school history curriculum, what can a high-profile ‘telly don’ like Niall Ferguson bring to the classroom? Seán Lang wonders.

Where's the Knowledge?

The teaching of history should give students a broad knowledge of their subject rather than focus on the skills needed to analyse narrow periods, says Seán Lang.

Saving India Through its Women

Seán Lang tells of the Dufferin Fund, an aristocratic initiative supported by Queen Victoria to improve medical conditions, particularly in childbirth, for Indian women in the late 19th century.

Another Brick In The Wall

Sean Lang has built his passion for history on several key experiences, both in terms of teaching and learning.

A-Level History

Sean Lang describes the changes in college history since the sixties and deplores the trend towards Hitler-dominated history.