Richard Hughes

The War Before the Waltz

Victor Silvester brought ballroom dancing to the masses and his enormous influence persists to this day in the TV show Strictly Come Dancing. Much less well known is his extraordinary career as a boy soldier in the Great War. Richard Hughes sets the record straight.   

Compton Mackenzie’s Greek Tragedy

The author of Whisky Galore played an active role in the Great War, experiencing both the horror of the Dardanelles in 1915 and the intrigues of wartime Athens. Yet his diplomatic ham-fistedness forced his premature exit. Richard Hughes explains. 

Greece and the First World War

Wedged between warring parties, Greece was vital to supplying the isolated Kingdom of Serbia but remained divided by pro-Entente and pro-German factions.

Noël Coward: 'Sing when the Guns are Firing'

Richard Hughes uncovers the patriotic efforts of the actor and playwright Noël Coward during the Second World War and argues that he should be remembered for more than merely entertaining the troops.

Margaret of Burgundy

Richard Hughes asks whether the ‘Diabolical Duchess’ was in reality another Tudor victim.