Richard Hodges

Sculpture by Leonie Gibbs of a Pict queen (1999) at Tarbat Old Church, Portmahomack. Archaeology can provide new historical narratives for familiar...
Few leaders have published as much and eliminated more people than Enver Hoxha, Albania’s dictator from 1944 to 1985. Hoxha published on a...

Richard Hodges says the rubbish tips of Anglo-Saxon London and Southampton contain intriguing evidence of England’s first businessmen.

Archaeologists in Italy are uncovering fascinating evidence about the origins of Italy’s medieval hilltop villages to create a new and compelling picture of the circumstances that brought them into being, says Richard Hodges.

Richard Hodges shows how new evidence is leading to a fresh understanding of the role of the Vikings in European history.

The ancient town of Zeugma, now flooded by the damned Euphrates

Richard Hodges reviews the evidence for long-distance trade in his empire.

In the 50 years after its opening in 1948 by dictator Enver Hoxhe, Albania's Institute of Archaology is now suffering from a funding shortage, but is still maintinaing its work and museum.

The advance party reached their final destination on July 24th, 1847.