Penny Young

Dura Europos

Findings at a desert site in eastern Syria shed light on pagan, Jewish and early Christian religions.

Cobbett and Hunt: An Unnecessary Act

The term ‘Cobbett and Hunt’ was shorthand for radical politics in the early 19th century, but the petty hatred that developed between the two men had a devastating effect on the outcome of the 1832 Reform Act, says Penny Young.

Radical Rowdies

A public falling-out ended the close political friendship between two leaders of reform in early nineteenth-century Britain. A familiar scenario? Penny Young tells the story.

Christians in Iraq

Penny Young investigates the situation of one of the country’s less-commonly mentioned communities.


Penny Young provides the background to the debate surrounding Romania's proposed Dracula theme park.

Deir Mar Musa

Penny Young reviews the painstaking recreation of an ancient Syrian monastery.

Hasankeyf - A City in Peril

Turkish archaeologists work against the clock to discover the secrets of ancient Hasankeyf before it is flooded by the waters of the proposed Ilisu dam.