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Mark Rathbone

Mark Rathbone assesses the importance of the office of 'Veep' (VP) over the past 220 years.

Mark Rathbone puts the famous 1954 school segregation case, Brown v. Board of Education, into historical context.

Mark Rathbone looks at the Battle of the Widow McCormack’s Cabbage Garden and at what happened to those involved.

Mark Rathbone analyses the continuing influence of the Munich conference on post-war events.

Mark Rathbone asks why the Kingdom of Piedmont-Sardinia emerged in the 1850s as the likely unifier of Italy.

Mark Rathbone analyses the causes and consequences of sudden changes of policy in nineteenth-century British politics.

marchers carrying banner 'We march with Selma!' on street in Harlem, New York City, New York, 15 March 1965. Library of Congress.

Mark Rathbone examines the importance of one Alabama town’s contribution to the civil rights movement.

Mark Rathbone assesses the degree of success achieved by one of the great Victorian Prime Ministers.

Mark Rathbone considers why American trade unionism was so violent for much of 1865-1980 but so much more peaceful by the mid-twentieth century.

Mark Rathbone assesses the effectiveness of measures taken in Tudor England to meet the problems of poverty and vagrancy.