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Larry Gragg

Larry Gragg investigates the evidence behind ‘Bugsy Siegels claim that he planned to kill the high-ranking Nazi in 1939.

Morton’s revels upset the Pilgrim Settlers; Larry Gragg describes how he was twice deported to England and three times imprisoned.

Larry Gragg describes how political divisions, public violence and an outbreak of yellow fever combined to overcast America's historic city.

Andrew Jackson was the first President to be a ‘Westerner’ and, writes Larry Gragg, his inauguration in Washington ‘belonged to the people’.

Larry Gragg describes how Franklin wrote to Whitefield: ‘He used to pray for my conversion but never had the satisfaction of believing that his prayers were heard’.

Golden Nugget and Pioneer Club along Fremont Street (1952).

Larry Gragg digs beneath the glitzy surface of America’s ‘sin city’ to find out how this extravagant home of gambling and glamour came into being.

Larry Gragg recounts the reasons for the visit of the Quaker George Fox to Barbados in 1671, and the significance of his presence there.

Larry Gragg describes the earthquake that shattered Jamaica in 1692, and reviews the complex lessons that preachers drew from it.

Larry Gragg recounts the attempts of a younger son to shake off his reputation in 17th-century Barbados.

A tale of kidnapped Africans and an abortive trading voyage casts light on the uneasy relationship between conscience and commerce in New England argues Larry Gragg.