Kathryn Hadley

Calvin’s Legacy

Kathryn Hadley examines the life and enduring influence of the French theologian 500 years after his birth.

Rival Rulers of the Cameroons

Postwar decolonisation in West Africa saw tensions rise between the fading imperial powers of France and Britain, according to papers recently unearthed by Kathryn Hadley.

Frederick the Great's Erotic Poem

An erotic poem written by Frederick the Great has been discovered in Berlin. Is the Prussian king describing a liaison he had with the Italian philosopher Francesco Algarotti?

Was Caligula insane?

Caligula was assassinated on January 24th, AD 41. He reputedly slept with his sisters and wanted to appoint his horse a consul. But was Tiberius' successor really insane or did he simply struggle to deal with the unlimited power that he received at such a young age?

Lessons from Auschwitz

Kathryn Hadley joins a group of schoolteachers and police officers in an innovative project that seeks ways to better understand the Holocaust.