Kathryn Hadley

The heart of the last heir to the Austro-Hungarian Empire was buried on July 17th in Hungary.

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In the second part of our summer reading special, Nick Poyntz, Tom Holland, Chris Wrigley, Alan Powers and Lucy Worsley share their holiday choices...

On May 26th, Guyana celebrated 45 years of independence. Kathryn Hadley provides an overview of Guyanese history prior to independence. 

As the final preparations are made for the Royal Wedding on Friday April 29th, we explore the history of regal marriages, from Tudor times to the twentieth century, through a selection of articles from our archive, historic photographs and videos.

The newly refurbished Roman Vindolanda Museum opened last weekend. It will be home to nine of the Vindolanda Tablets, the oldest surviving handwritten documents in Britain, on loan from the British Museum.

Kathryn Hadley reports on the recent discovery of two 3-D Nazi propaganda films. Released in 1936, they were decades ahead of the boom in 3-D films in the American film industry.

Caligula was assassinated on January 24th, AD 41. He reputedly slept with his sisters and wanted to appoint his horse a consul. But was Tiberius' successor really insane or did he simply struggle to deal with the unlimited power that he received at such a young age?

Kathryn Hadley reveals the winners of the 2010 Longman-History Today Awards, announced yesterday evening at our annual party.

The first issue of History Today appeared sixty years ago today. In celebration, we are hosting our annual awards party, this evening, at the Museum of London. Kathryn Hadley charts the history of the magazine and reveals some of the winners of this year's awards.